Amstel has a Question


To increase Amstel’s sales through a memorable campaign that will distinguish the brand from the other players in the premium beer segment.


Consumers of Amstel appreciate quality and like to show it. They want to be accepted by their peers and like to try new things. But what they like the most is to stand out and demonstrate their knowledge, especially when they are with their friends.

And while we were digging through the data, showing how they like to spend their time in front of the TV, we noticed something interesting – our target likes to watch TV shows about popular science.

So why don’t we provoke Amstel fans to broaden their knowledge and spend quality time in activities which make them better, by involving them in a game of knowledge? And this is how “Amstel has a Question” was born.



In partnership with Discovery Channel we introduced the challenge “Amstel has a Question”. An infotainment game, where questions are spread all around you and the players have to discover them, guess the correct answer and play for prizes.

We prepared 100 questions, each one accompanied by a unique code. Then we hid them online and offline – participants could find some of the questions only while watching specific Discovery TV shows, six Bulgarian cities woke up with contextual billboards – questions from Amstel, related to their specific history and popular locations. We hid the other questions on the Amstel Facebook page and the game dedicated website.

Each question came with a digital code that unlocks it, in order to give your answer. Each week participants played for weekly prizes, and while they were climbing through the rankings, they could play for the big prize – a trip to Amsterdam.

The website was the heart of the game. The algorithm behind the website provided information in real time to all participants, so they could track their progress and see weekly rankings of all the players. Players were also notified about the weekly prizes that they could play for.


Around 5000 people participated in the game

Amstel’s dedicated webpage reached 125 256 impressions

With a target of 3 200 000 impressions in Google, the campaign reached 20 065 313 impressions or 627% above the target

Our Facebook posts reached 1 344 932 people

More than 10 000 people visited the street parties

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